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Culture in Dibrugarh

The culture of Dibrugarh is the reflection of the society and people Dibrugarh has. The culture of Dibrugarh is seen in the way people here celebrate their different festivals, the food habits of the people, the dance and music of Dibrugarh and the lifestyle of people.

A noticeable aspect of the culture of Dibrugarh is that it is an amalgamation of both the contemporary and the traditional. People of Dibrugarh are attached with their traditions, beliefs and practices and at the same time they are also very modern in their outlook. People here visit religious places, offer prayers in “Namghars” and also visit clubs and hotels which show that the culture of Dibrugarh is a mix of both the modern and the traditional.

Communities in Dibrugarh

Dibrugarh is a city of mixed culture. Assamese community forms the major part of the population of Dibrugarh. Other than Bengalis and Marwaris, Christians and Muslims are also the dwellers of Dibrugarh. Communities like Deori community, Sonowal Kachari community and Tai Phake are also the major communities settled here in Dibrugarh. These communities celebrate different festivals in their own beautiful ways. The Deoris celebrate 'Gira-Girashi', ‘pisha-dema’, ‘pishai-dema’ and so on. The Sonowal kacharis are mostly the devout followers of Mohapurisia Baisnav Dharma while the Tai Phake worship in the Bauddha Vihar.

Dance and music in Dibrugarh

BihuPeople of Dibrugarh are very fond of Bihu dance and songs. During Bihu festivities one can see the people of Dibrugarh in full mood dancing to the tunes of Bihu songs. People here also give huge respect to Sattriya dance. Sattriya dance is one of the classical dance forms of India. Popularised by Srimanta Shankardev, Sattriya dance is practiced by many dancers in Dibrugarh.

Food of Dibrugarh

People of Dibrugarh are also very fond of Assamese food like masor tenga, khar, mas, mangkho and laroo pitha. One will also notice people here discovering the rich taste of Chinese, Continental and North India food by visiting the hotels and restaurants in Dibrugarh.

Festivals in Dibrugarh

The Dibrugarh city looks all the more colourful and vibrant during the time of different festivities. Bihu festival is one of the greatest festivals celebrated in Dibrugarh. Other than Bihu people also celebrate Holi, Diwali, Christmas, Durga Puja and Saraswati puja with pomp and gaiety.

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