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Localities and Areas in Dibrugarh

In the Dibrugarh there are many localities which are slightly different in their ways living. Though these localities are part of Dibrugarh yet they have their own identity. Naharkatiya, Duliajan, Chabua and Boiragimath are some of the important areas of the Dibrugarh district.

Localities in DibrugarhNaharkatiya

Naharkatiya is a town situated at Dibrugarh district in Assam. It is a town area committee in Dibrugarh district. The Naharkatiya town is famous for petroleum and gas reserves.

In nation’s hydrocarbon history, Naharkatiya was declared as the first oil township of India. Duliajan was earlier in the circle of Naharkatiya. Naharkatiya is part of the Dibrugarh Lok Sabha Constituency. Naharkatiya is situated at 27.28 degrees north and 95.33 degrees east. It is situated at an elevation of 397 feet.

History of Naharkatiya

Naharkatiya derives its name after a famous historical tale. Prince Nahar was the adopted son of Tai Ahom king Khora raja. He was beheaded by Ahom noble Kalia Chaodang for misdeeds against the royalty. Henceforth the place came to be known as Naharkatiya that is the place where prince Nahar was beheaded.

During the attack of Koch general Chilarai, Naharkatiya had been visited by Tai-Ahom king Khora raja, Kachari king Bicharpatipha and Austric king Sung-Saumara. In the early part of 19th century Burmese general Mingimaha Tilwa went to Mung-dun-chun-kham via the route of Naharkatiya. The route was also used by Ahom general Patalsingh Barbaruah to set up the Jaypurgarh.

Demography of Naharkatiya

According to 2001 India census the population of Naharkatiya was 15,528. The male population is 53% and female population is 47%. The average literacy rate is 78%. The literacy rate of male is 82% and that of the female is 74%. Naharkatiya is inhabited by people of mixed community. Assamese, Bengali, Bihari, Buddhist and Marwari people form the population of Naharkatiya.

Economy of Naharkatiya

Naharkatiya is famous for petroleum and gas reserves. In Nation’s hydrocarbon history the place was declared as the first oil township of India. Oil industry, therefore, is the major industry in Naharkatiya. A lion’s share of the income of the town comes from oil. Naharkatiya’s income also comes from tea. There are three tea estates in Naharkatiya.

Tourism of Naharkatiya

Naharkatiya has many places to offer to tourists. Some of the important tourist destinations of Naharkatiya are the following: 

Buddhist monastery: There is a Buddhist monastery in Naharkatiya known as Namphake Buddhist monastery. The monastery is being visited by several tourists. The monastery serves as a meditation centre.

Naharkatiya Planters Golf Course: Naharkatiya Planters Golf Course is located at Achabam tea estate. It was inaugurated in 1974. The golf course is an extremely beautiful place to visit.

Baba Loknath mandir: Baba Loknath mandir is situated at Balughat.

Naharkatiya Church: Naharkatiya Church is also an important tourist place here.

Near Naharkatiya there is the historical Tipam, Jaypur and Namrup situated. Kaliapani, Achabam, and Sasoni villages are situated a few kilometers away from the place which serves as major tourists places.

Duliajan Localities in Dibrugarh

Located 50 kms east of Dibrugarh, Duliajan is a town particularly famous for its oil industries. Headquarter of Oil India Ltd. is located in Duliajan. In Duliajan hotels and medical centres like Oil India hospital and AGCL medical centre are also located. The Kaziranga National Park which is famous for its one-horned rhino is located about 270kms from Duliajan.


A suburb of Dibrugarh town, Boiragimoth consists of several residential buildings and neighbourhood markets. Boiragimoth is  considered as the most sought after residential locality in Dibrugarh as other than being a residential locality there are also shops, schools and colleges, restaurants, boarding houses, offices and places of worship here.


Chabua is a small town in Dibrugarh. Educational institutes and healthcare centres are located in Chabua.

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