Economy of Dibrugarh

Situated at the banks of the Brahmaputra river, Dibrugarh district in Assam is fast emerging as the industrial hub of Northeast. The nerve centre of industry in Upper Assam area, Dibrugarh is an economically developed area. Dibrugarh is both agriculturally and industrially developed.

Agriculture in Dibrugarh

Dibrugarh has an agrarian based economy. Agriculture is the main source of livelihood of the people. A majority of the population are occupied in farming. The soil is mostly fertile and alluvial. The major crops grown here are paddy, arecanut, potato, matikalai, peas, sugar-cane, pulses,  banana, papaya,  wheat and turmeric among others.

Industries in Dibrugarh

Dibrugarh is an important district in Assam in terms of the industrial development here. Tea, oil, power generation, petrochemical and fertilizer are some of the important industries here in Dibrugarh.

The major public sector undertaking in Dibrugarh are:
  • Oil india Ltd, Duliajan
  • Assam Gas Company, Duliajan
  • Thermal Power Corporation, Namrup
  • Brahmaputra Valley Fertilizer Corporation, Namrup

Oil and Gas in Dibrugarh

Industries in Dibrugarh

One of the important industries of Dibrugarh is the oil industry. Oil brings in huge revenue to Dibrugarh. The entire Dibrugarh district has many oil and natural gas rings owned by the Oil India Limited and Oil and Natural Gas Commission. Duliajan, Moran and Hugrijan are the primary locations for oil and gas industry in Dibrugarh district. It is notable that Duliajan in Dibrugarh is the headquarters of the Public Sector Undertaking Oil India Limited. The Fertiliser Corporation of India and Assam Petro-Chemicals Ltd situated at Namrup, the Assam Gas Co situated at Duliajan and NEEPCO situated near Duliajan are some of the important industries in the Dibrugarh district. Dibrugarh is famous for wood and plywood factories in Margherita.

Tea Industry in Dibrugarh

Known as the tea city of India, Dibrugarh boasts of the highest quantity of tea production in India. Larger sections of Dibrugarh are covered by tea gardens - the largest in the world. The district as a whole is surrounded by tea plantations and tea factories. Several tea gardens are located in Dibrugarh dating back to the British era. Hence, tea is an important industry in Dibrugarh.

Small scale industries in Dibrugarh

A major population of Dibrugarh is  also engaged in cottage and small scale industries too. The artisans of Dibrugarh are adapt in making cane and bamboo artifacts like furniture and decorative items. Handloom items like production of Muga Silk, “phulam gamosa”, mekhela chador among others are made by the people here which help in the economy of the district.

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