Food in Dibrugarh

The food of Dibrugarh comprises of a platter full of Assamese dishes. Once in Dibrugarh you should definitely taste the food of Assam. And you are sure to be delighted to taste the food comprising of bhat, dali, masor tenga, khar, tarkari, aloo pitika and mangkho. Though food of modern day Dibrugarh is influenced by north and other parts of east India, yet there are are some traditional dishes which are eaten by most of the people regularly. Masor tenga, a sopur fish dish is made frequently in every household of Dibrugarh. Poitabahat which is had during summer, is rice soaked overnight and eaten with mustard oil and onion and chillies. Pitika made mainly of mashed aloo (potato) is garmished with chillies, mustard oil and onion.

Food in Dibrugarh

Restaurants in Dibrugarh

If you are not lucky to have relatives in Dibrugarh who can help you taste the wonderful things, then don't be disappointed! There are several restaurants in Dibrugarh which serve good Assamese food which will linger on for long!. There are some restaurants that also serve, Mughlai, India, Bengali and continental and Chinese cuisine.

Asha Hotel
Address: A T Road, Near Marwari Patty, Dibrugarh-786001
Phone: +(91)-373-2320053/ 2323793

Address: Near Flyover, In Thana Chariali, Mancotta Road, Dibrugarh-786001
Phone: +(91)-9435130701/ 9706030701

Garden Treat Hotel
Address: Mancotta Road, Near Over Bridge, Dibrugarh-786001
Phone: +(91)-373-2324142

H2o Restaurant
Address: Mancotta Road, Dibrugarh-786001
Phone: +(91)-373-2321759

D M Hotel
Address: Nirmali Gaon, Dibrugarh-786003
Phone: +(91)-373-2319331

Jonki & Panei restaurants in dibrugarh
Address: Hotel Monalisa, Mancotta Road, Chowkidinghee, Dibrugarh-786001
Phone: +(91)-373-2320416

Jain Hotel & Restaurant
Address: H S Road, Dibrugarh-786001
Phone: +(91)-373-2323313

Hotel Sagar
Address: Marwaripatty, A T Road, Dibrugarh-786001
Phone: +(91)-373-2326629

Hotel Ind Surya
Address: Station Road, R K B Path, Dibrugarh-786001
Phone: +(91)-373-2326322

Jupitore Restaurant
Address: Daily Bazar, Station Road, Duliajan, Dibrugarh-786602
Phone: +(91)-9207042685

Ginger Spice
Address: H S Road, Dibrugarh-786001
Phone: +(91)-373-2321936

Address: West Milanagar, N-Land, Dibrugarh-786001
Phone: +(91)-373-2312846

Swagat Restaurant
Address: H S Road, Dibrugarh-786001
Phone: +(91)-373-2324540

Ranis Bar
Address: Station Road, Duliajan, Dibrugarh-786602
Phone: +(91)-9435039391

Sunali Restaurant
Address: H S Road, Dibrugarh-786001
Phone: +(91)-373-2327275

Cafe Coffee Day
Address: Hotel Natraj, H S Road, Dibrugarh-786001
Phone: +(91)-9678691127

Bakeries in Dibrugarh

Bakeries in Dibrugarh

Dibrugarh has several bakeries that are popular not only for its cakes and pastries but for a variety of breads that it makes. The confectioners of Dibrugarh make different types of cakes like chocolate lake, pineapple cake, choco-truffle or just plain cake.

Wake Up Confectioneries & Bakers
Address: R K B Path, Goenka Market, Dibrugarh-786001
Phone: +(91)-9435694853

Duliajan Stores & Bakery
Address: Oil Market, Duliajan, Dibrugarh-786602
Phone: (91)-9435003484

Zees Bakery
Address: Loharpatty, Near Diamond Club, Dibrugarh-786001
Phone: +(91)-9954941799

Payal Sweets & Chat
Address: 1st Floor, City Tower, H S Road, Dibrugarh-786001
Phone: +(91)-373-2324076
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