History of Dibrugarh

Situated at the Upper Assam area, Dibrugarh is a beautiful district having tales to narrate its ancient history. The present day Dibrugarh, situated on the banks of the Brahmaputra River, is a fast growing town in Assam. The headquarters of the Dibrugarh district is located at Dibrugarh. To the north of Dibrugarh lies the Dhemaji and Lakhimpur districts, the Tinsukia district in the East, to the south lies and Arunachal Pradesh and Sivasagar district lies to the west.

History of Dibrugarh City

Meaning of Name Dibrugarh

There are several connotations regarding the meaning of the name of Dibrugarh. According to some historians the name Dibrugarh has been derived from Dibarumukh, an encampment of Ahoms during the Ahom Sutiya War. According to some other legends, the name "Dibru" is derived from Dibaru river or from the Dimasa word "Dibru" and “garh” where “Dibru” means a "blister"and "Garh" means "fort".

Historical Facts of Dibrugarh

After coming to Assam following the Yandaboo accord in 1826, the British selected Dibrugarh as an administrative and commercial center in Upper Assam. The British made Dibrugarh a hub of activity in the north east. In 1842 Dibrugarh was made the headquarters of Lakhimpur district. Dibrugarh served as the primary military base and a transit camp for the evacuees from Burma during the World War II. Dibrugarh was a part of Tinsukia district and in 1971 it became a full fledged district of Assam with Tinsukia being separated from Dibrugarh. Presently Dibrugarh is an independent district of Assam with headquarters in Dibrugarh town.

The present day Dibrugarh is a developed town in Assam. It is emerging as a nerve centre of communication, health and industry in the Upper Assam area. Many development works have been undertaken to make the town a developed one in the Northeast. The District Judiciary Court building was constructed in 1870. In 1882 the first train rolled down the tracks from Streamerghat at Dibrugarh. The Dibrugarh University was set up in 1965 and the Assam Medical College was established in 1947, a reputed medical college in Assam.
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